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Providing specialized Studio services by adsprove Team. adsprove as the most reliable company with 25 years of experience, is one of the best providers of Studio services around the world.

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Equipped filming studio

Content is king! Especially if it is in the form of images and videos… adsprove filming studio is equipped in a dedicated space, which consists of several separate parts. Chromakey filming section, white box section, black box section in three angles, Chromakey green floor section. These departments are suitable for preparing and producing video content, making promotional teasers, producing educational videos, holding and recording news and promotional events.
We use advanced and professional equipment for shooting and producing all kinds of films and videos.

Our studio team

Our studio team is made up of the best experts in the filming and imaging industry, our team has the ability to record and edit the most professional media events for you.

Frequently questions about

filming studio


What is the difference between studio and location filming?

location filming means that you are shooting in the actual setting the story takes places rather than in a studio. A soundstage is a soundproof building or room used for the production of film and television content.

However, shooting in a studio also gives you the option of changing your space to meet your needs. It’s a blank canvas. You can build a set from scratch and design it as you see fit. You can create it modularly, to swap out pieces as the situation demands. We use Because of flexibility and control┬áStudio

On this question you’ll find 8 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to film studio, such as: animation studio, back lot, dream factory, location, lot, and motion-picture studio.

When it comes to recording a professional video that you want to publish, it is essential that you pay for the use of a professional studio. The reason for this is simple: by using a professional studio, the final product you create will be of a much higher quality than a home studio.

1- Sound stages and back-lots.
2- Cameras, lights, costumes, etc in warehouses.
3- Walls and guards.
4- Offices for producers, studio heads, writers, etc.
5- Studio commissaries.
6- Recording studios.
7- Digital effects departments.

We use advanced filming equipment and experienced and professional presenters and announcers. We can do studio filming in all areas such as advertisements, product introductions, news reports, etc

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